Customs Allowances



The following goods can be imported into Madagascar without incurring customs duty by persons 18 years of age and over:

• 2 cartons or 20 packs of cigarettes.
• 2L of alcoholic drinks.

Banned Imports

Unauthorised firearms and ammunition, and endangered species (unless accompanied by a CITES permit). 

Plants, fruit and vegetables require a phytosanitary certificate.

Banned Exports

Endangered species (unless accompanied by a CITES certificate).

You must obtain a certificate/permit to export animals and plants and their products, precious wood and precious stones.

Tourists should be aware that many items on sale may have been manufactured illegally and may not be taken out of the country, with or without a permit.

For certain goods, there are limits to the quantities you can export from Madagascar. For example, you can export up to 2kg of vanilla or 1kg of precious stones (250g for residents).

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